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In an era where the family structure is evolving, the multi-generational home stands out as a testament to the enduring strength of familial bonds. Blending the wisdom of grandparents, parents’ resilience, and children’s vibrancy under one roof presents unique challenges and unparalleled rewards. As you embark on this journey of cohabitation, the essence of creating a harmonious living space lies in understanding and catering to the needs of each generation, ensuring accessibility, and fostering open communication. The strategies outlined here by Code of the West are designed to help you navigate the complexities of multi-generational living, transforming your shared space into a haven of comfort, connection, and mutual respect.

Creating Unique Living Spaces

Every family member deserves a space that resonates with their personal taste and lifestyle. Designing distinct living areas for each generation encourages independence while maintaining a strong family connection. By customizing these spaces to meet individual needs, you create an environment where everyone feels valued and understood, from the youngest to the oldest. This thoughtful approach to living arrangements underscores the importance of personal space in fostering a peaceful and cohesive home.

Uniting Family Through Business

A family business can serve as a unifying force, aligning members behind a common purpose while enhancing the family’s heritage. To set up a venture, one must identify a viable concept, draft a business plan, register the business, and understand state-specific guidelines for legal compliance. Opting for an LLC in Colorado through ZenBusiness safeguards personal assets and also allows for bypassing substantial legal expenses.

Ensuring Universal Accessibility

Creating an accessible home transcends mere convenience; it’s a statement of inclusivity and care. Ensuring that your dwelling accommodates the needs of individuals of all ages and abilities is paramount. From simple modifications like ramps and grab bars to more comprehensive adjustments, accessibility fosters a sense of belonging and security for family members, reinforcing the home as a sanctuary for everyone.

Optimizing Storage 

Digitizing paper records is a strategic move to declutter your space and optimize storage efficiency. By converting documents into PDFs, you not only make your content more accessible and shareable but also ensure it retains its format across various devices and platforms. Additionally, PDFs offer the convenience of easy editing, allowing you to modify page layouts or resize documents with simple drag-and-drop tools. To learn more about streamlining your document management process, click for info.

Designating Shared Spaces

The heart of a multi-generational home lies in its common areas. These spaces, designed for collective activities, are crucial in nurturing family bonds and creating lasting memories. By crafting inviting shared environments that cater to the diverse interests of family members, you encourage interaction, understanding, and the blending of different generations, enriching the family experience.

Offering Sanctuaries of Solitude

While shared spaces are vital for family bonding, private areas offer a retreat for individual reflection, growth, and relaxation. Personalizing these sanctuaries to reflect each family member’s unique tastes and needs supports emotional well-being and personal development. This balance between communal and private spaces is essential in maintaining harmony and allowing individual identities to flourish within the family unit.

Setting a Foundation for Open Communication

The cornerstone of a harmonious multi-generational home is clear and open communication. Establishing a culture of dialogue, where expectations, boundaries, and issues can be freely discussed, is critical in preventing misunderstandings and resolving conflicts. By fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued, you build trust and respect that sustains the family through challenges and celebrations.

Embracing multi-generational living is a journey filled with challenges, learning, and profound joy. By creating tailored living quarters, uniting through shared ventures, ensuring universal accessibility, optimizing storage, crafting communal and private spaces, and fostering open communication, you lay the groundwork for a home that thrives on mutual respect, understanding, and love. This approach enriches individual family members’ lives and strengthens the family unit, making your home a true bastion of harmony and intergenerational solidarity.

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Your Guide to Financing Major Home Repairs

Owning a home comes with its fair share of challenges, and paying for major repairs is up there. Whether it’s a leaky roof, foundation damage, a malfunctioning HVAC system, or a plumbing emergency, these repairs can quickly add up and strain your finances if you’re not prepared. This is why Code of the West Real Estate has put together the following guide packed with tips and resources to help you cover the cost of major home repairs without breaking the bank!

Hire High-Quality Contractors

Experienced and reputable contractors provide accurate estimates, work efficiently, and use quality materials, all of which can save you money in the long run.

Prioritize Preventive Maintenance

By regularly performing these maintenance tasks, you can minimize the likelihood of costly repairs and ensure your home is in good condition. Certain repairs should be completed, if needed, before selling your home.

Save a Rainy Day Repair Fund

A rainy day home repair fund is a savings account set aside specifically to cover the cost of repairs not covered by your home insurance or warranties

Know Your Loan Options

If you need help covering your major home repairs, there are several loan options available that can offer financing assistance.

The responsibility of caring for a home comes with plenty of unavoidable maintenance and repair tasks. Financing these repairs doesn’t have to be a burden. By hiring high-quality contractors, prioritizing preventive maintenance, saving a rainy day repair fund, and exploring different loan options, you can feel prepared to face any unexpected repair costs that come your way.


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DIY Home Appliance Repair Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know


In our daily lives, appliances play a pivotal role in making our routines more efficient. When your appliances malfunction, however, the frustration is real. But before you rush to call a professional, consider trying DIY appliance repair. Not only can it save you money, but it can also empower you with valuable skills. In this article, presented by Code Of The West Real Estate, we’ll delve into the art of DIY appliance repair, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle common issues yourself.

Uncover The Benefits

Embarking on DIY appliance repair serves multiple purposes beyond merely saving money on service fees. First, it cultivates a sense of self-sufficiency, allowing you to understand the mechanisms that sustain your daily life. Second, there’s an undeniable sense of accomplishment that comes from fixing something with your own hands, which can build a feeling of confidence that positively affects different areas of your life. Knowing that you can handle unexpected problems, no matter how big or small, can help you feel a greater sense of control and competency.

Information Gathering and Troubleshooting

Efficient troubleshooting begins with effective information gathering. Knowing what signs to look for and what questions to ask can simplify the diagnostic process. Techniques such as observation, auditory checks, and basic tests can go a long way in pinpointing issues. For example, a strange noise coming from your microwave could be caused by a loose fan, which can easily be tightened with the right tools. Learning about the different parts and functions of your appliance is also helpful during this process; for instance, do you know where to find the overfill float switch in your dishwasher? Look for resources online that will tell you more about these parts and how to identify an issue with them.

Equip Yourself with Essential Tools

Any DIY enthusiast knows that the right tools can make or break a repair job. From basic screwdrivers and wrenches to more specialized tools like multimeters, having a well-equipped toolbox is crucial. These tools not only ease the process but also enhance the precision of your repairs, ensuring long-lasting results. Keep in mind that there are a few items you may need that aren’t considered “tools” but can come in handy, such as a flashlight, zip ties, and a can of compressed air duster.

Explore Reliable Sources for Replacement Parts

When appliances begin to falter, procuring the right replacement parts becomes crucial. Quality components, including items like sensors or specialized transducers, can substantially upgrade the functionality and longevity of your household machines. Consider a situation where a refrigerator frequently cycles between on and off states; replacing an older sensor with a high-quality BME280 digital sensor can result in optimized performance, leading to energy savings and reduced utility costs over time. Identifying trustworthy suppliers for these parts ensures that the installed components will be durable and efficient, so look for a seller that offers real-time inventory updates so you can always find the exact part you need.

Conduct Effective Testing

Once the appliance is repaired, testing is the next important step. Performing controlled tests allows you to assess whether the issue has been resolved effectively. By mimicking typical operating conditions, you can ensure that your repair job holds up under everyday usage. Just be sure to look through your appliance’s instruction manual first, as there may be certain steps you can take to run a test cycle or diagnostic. Remember to clear away tools first and clean up the work area, especially if the appliance has leaked water.

Prioritize Safety Throughout the Process

DIY repair doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind. Following proper safety protocols minimizes risks, ensuring that your DIY journey doesn’t end in a hospital visit. Protective measures such as disconnecting appliances from electrical sources are vital. Consider using gloves and a dust mask when working, and keep the area clear of debris. It can also be helpful to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Learn where the breaker box and main water shutoff are in the home. You’ll also want to keep preventative measures in mind as well, including keeping the area around the appliance clean and dry and looking for tears in hoses or cords.

Recognize When to Seek Expert Help

DIY repair can be fulfilling, but there are instances when the expertise of a professional is unavoidable. Complex electrical issues, for example, are better left to qualified technicians. Knowing your limitations is crucial; it’s a sign of wisdom rather than a mark against your DIY abilities. Typically, you’ll want to call in a pro if natural gas is involved, or if there is damage to the appliance’s electrical wiring. Take a look at the paperwork that came with your appliance to learn more about the warranty before you proceed with repairs.

Armed with these insights and skills, you’re now equipped to take on common appliance issues with confidence. DIY appliance repair isn’t just about fixing a machine; it’s about gaining knowledge and independence. So, the next time an appliance acts up, remember this guide, and embark on your journey to becoming a savvy home appliance repair enthusiast.

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Highway of Legends: An Epic Day Trip from Trinidad to Walsenburg (By Way of La Veta)

Highway of Legends: An Epic Day Trip From Trinidad to Walsenburg (by Way of La Veta)


Okay. You’ve found the perfect property for sale in Trinidad, Walsenburg, or La Veta, and you’ve settled in. Now you’re wanting to explore the area. Well, we’ve got the best day trip ever! Take the Highway of Legends from Trinidad to Walsenburg, or the reverse, stopping along the way to take advantage of this amazing locale. Views, eats, drinks, shopping, hiking, and history—you’ve got it all in one day! We’ve curated an awesome day trip—in two directions. No matter where you start your journey, here are recommendations to make it an adventure. Now get out there and enjoy your new backyard!

Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A scenic drive through autumn colors, with a winding road leading towards snow-capped mountains under a cloudy sky.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A map showing a travel route highlighted in blue, with a travel time of 1 hour and 49 minutes covering a distance of 72 miles.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A quaint orange building houses weston supply, a general merchandise store, along with a u.s. post office in weston, colorado, under a serene blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - Signboard for "gallery shalawalla gift shop" with a rustic outdoor seating area under an umbrella, amidst a bright, sunny day.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A brewery sign illuminated at twilight, with a tranquil street view along the Highway of Legends as the night begins to set in.

Starting in Trinidad


Start your two-hour, 82-mile drive heading west out of Trinidad on CO-12 W. You will follow this highway for a little over 70 miles before turning right to continue on US-160 E all the way to Walsenburg.


If you’re looking to start your morning with a masterfully brewed cup of coffee and yummy pastry, Perkatory Coffee House is the spot for you. Then, you can pick up a breakfast burrito at The Canary @ Weston Supply in Weston, CO. You’ll love this little general store and cafe!


Stop in the tiny mountain village of Cuchara to enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, or even backcountry skiing in the winter. A local favorite is the easy Spring Creek Trail. It’s just an easy, 2.6-mile stretch for your legs with beautiful views and options to lengthen the hike if you’d like.


For a great burger or dog and quick, counter service, head to Lokal Burger on Main Street in La Veta. Or if you’d rather get some table service on a beautiful patio before your shopping/gallery trip, head to Legends on Main for some authentic international cuisine.


Land at Main Street & Ryus Avenue in La Veta for ample shopping and galleries in this artistic community. La Veta is a hub for art in the Spanish Peaks area. Visit the Shalawalla Gallery & Gift Shop where you can take a batik lesson if you have the time. The Spanish Peaks Art Council (SPACe) always has new exhibits of local and national artists as well as workshops for children and adults. Stop into the La Veta Mercantile to peruse the art, shop for local wares, or listen to some music.


Before you leave La Veta, take the trip to Uptop, the ghost town on Old La Veta Pass. A Colorado Historic District, you’ll find a dozen preserved buildings, lovely views, and several hikes. And when you get to Walsenburg, stop by the Walsenburg Mining Museum. It is housed in an old jail from 1896 that “Mother” Jones herself spent the night in.


Extend your evening in La Veta with a visit to Deerprint Wine for a delightful drink or head to Mountain Merman for a locally crafted beer. Right behind Merman, discover the perfect dinner spot at Legends on Main, where you can indulge in Authentic New Mexican and International cuisine steeped in European tradition, a town favorite.

Alternatively, venture into Walsenburg for a refreshing beverage at Crafty Canary Brewery, offering craft beer, wine, and inventive cocktails along with a limited yet tempting food menu.

For another option, check out the Stokehouse, situated next to Walsenburg Mercantile. While it’s newly opened as a bar, the restaurant section is on its way. Take a moment to enjoy a drink and place an order from RegalBurg Deli or Gub Gubs Pizza and Ice Cream, conveniently located next door. Stokehouse isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a homage to the resilience and spirit of Walsenburg.

Whether you choose La Veta or Walsenburg, culinary wonders await at every turn. Whichever establishment you pick, you’re not just in for a delicious meal – it’s an opportunity to savor the local spirit and vibrant energy that define these charming Colorado towns. So, embrace the moment, relish the flavors, and transform your evening in southern Colorado into an unforgettable experience.




Start your two-hour, 82-mile drive heading west out of Walsenburg on US-160 W. You will follow this highway for a little over 10 miles before turning left to continue on CO-12 E all the way to Trinidad. Download the Highway of Legends audio tour before you go.


Start your adventure at the Walsenburg Mercantile, a hidden gem boasting over 70 local vendors offering handmade treasures. But that’s not all – tucked inside this treasure trove is RegalBurg, affectionately known as the Burg Deli, offering the perfect start to your day. Whether you’re in the mood for a grab-and-go treat or sit-down delights they have a diverse menu to fit everyone’s needs. This hidden gem connects you to the local arts scene, allowing you to take home a piece of Walsenburg while supporting talented creators.


Continue your Highway of Legends tour by heading a few miles west and making a pitstop at Lathrop State Park. Embark on a scenic 1.5-mile hike along the Hogback Trail encircling the lake, offering breathtaking views to kickstart your day. Following the hike, refresh yourself in the lake before continuing your journey.

Upon resuming your tour, make your way to La Veta to explore the historic Francisco Fort. Originally an outpost for early settlers in Huerfano County, this site has transformed into a museum featuring a functional blacksmith’s shop, the state’s largest collection of arrowheads, and a variety of unexpected artifacts.


For lunch, make a pitstop in Cuchara Village and savor a meal at The Dog Bar & Grill. Recognized as one of Colorado’s Top 12 Patios by the Denver Post, this family-owned gem offers not only delicious food and drinks but also stunning views and quality live entertainment. If you’re up for a little more adventure just beyond the mountain, explore the Small town charm of Stonewall Shopping Bag. Another family-owned establishment, it promises great souvenirs, home-cooked delights, and friendly company. Whichever spot you choose, you’re sure to fall in love with the unique charm of each place.


As your making your way toward Trinidad on Highway 12, keep an eye out (or stop and explore, but beware of Private Property!) the House on the Bridge and the Cordova Chapel. The House (Just northwest of where County Road 21.6 meets Hwy 12 near Vigil) sits on a bridge that was the original road from Stonewall to Trinidad, crossing over the North Fork of the Purgatoire River. The Chapel was built in 1871 and still stands on the south side of Hwy 12. Once in Trinidad, visit the Trinidad History Museum and observe the contrasting architecture of the Baca House and the Bloom Mansion.


In Trinidad, there are at least two must-see’s for the art lover. For an eclectic collection of art—Western pulp magazine covers, “Native American art and artifacts, Hispanic traditional and religious art displayed in an authentic turn-of-the-century building”—visit the A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art. And for something a little different, stop by the Art Cartopia museum! This place is so much fun. A result of the ArtoCade ArtCar festival, there is always something going on here, or you can just check out the outrageous cars.


It’s time to go to Grandma’s House! In the historic Trinidad train depot, you’ll find a unique spot to have craft beer, wine, cider, and spirits, as well as some Sexy Pizza. Or head further down Main Street and get something smoked at the Trinidad Smokehouse.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A screenshot of a route on a digital map, showing a journey that takes approximately 1 hour and 49 minutes to cover 72 miles, with the path meandering through various towns and natural areas.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A monochromatic photo capturing the vintage charm of an old brick building with bold signage that reads "the Walsenburg Mercantile Company Wholesale Grocers," accompanied by various retro advertisements on the facade
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - Two frothy beverages in branded glass mugs sit on a rustic wooden table with snowy tracks stretching into the distance under a cloudy sky, framing the beginning of an epic trip from Trinidad to Walsenburg
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A quaint and colorful corner in a rustic setting featuring "the dog bar restaurant" sign, flanked by lush green trees and blooming red flowers, with a welcoming "open" sign indicating a charming spot for visitors to explore.
Colorado Mountain Property and Homes for Sale - A curious group of deer exploring a parking lot in front of a rustic building with a "shoe tree" sign along the Highway of Legends.


Now that you’ve decided to make Southern Colorado your home, get out there and discover all the things that make it such a special place to live. These two day trips (or make it a weekend!) along the Highway of Legends highlight only a fraction of the amazing things to see in Colorado’s Spanish Peaks country. Go exploring and be sure to let us know about your favorite stops and spots!


For more info on this historic route and everything of interest along it, download and audio tour from TravelStorysGPS.


Whether you’ve already found a home for sale in the Trinidad, La Veta, or Walsenburg area or you’re currently looking for Southern Colorado real estate, Code of the West has the perfect broker for your needs! Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the Colorado area and let us help you find the right home for you or the right buyer for your home!


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A Winning Combination: Code of The West Real Estate Merges with Town & Country Estates


We didn’t think it could get any better, and then it did! Twice! Code of the West Real Estate is proud to have united with Town & Country Estates Realty out of Trinidad and Colorado Homestead Properties out of Aguilar.


Broker/Owners Arica Andreatta, Ed Trommeter, and Kerry Campbell, respectively, joined forces earlier this year to bring Zane Grey’s tenets to a larger market. The collective commitment is to put service to our clients first. This collaboration will grow our team of devoted agents and widen our knowledge of Southern Colorado Real Estate, while strengthening our presence with stellar marketing.


Town & Country Estates Realty has been a leader in the industry since its inception in 2001. Colorado Homestead Properties brings a 4th generation local knowledge of the Apishapa valley combined with a real estate background. Code of the West prides itself on a positive reputation, recognizable brand, and a marketing platform second to none. Together, three companies become one, instilled with the values of big city marketing and small town service.


The merger has been a seamless transition as all companies operate with the utmost transparency, honesty, and integrity. Excited for our common future, we look forward to the journey and wish to thank everyone who has supported our companies. You have contributed to the strengthening of our ability to serve our clients and the community. We promise to continue to serve the Southern Colorado community with courage, commitment, and honor on this new path forward.


Don’t worry! You can still work with the same agents that have brought you top of the line service in their current locations. You will just benefit from the addition of further expertise and years of experience.


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Alamosa Day Hikes

Living near Alamosa is an outdoors person’s dream. The variety of terrain is stunning and there are plenty of day hikes nearby. Nestled in the San Luis Valley, you’ll have the opportunity to explore everything from sand dunes to volcanic rock cliffs to alpine lakes. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the nearby treks that the locals love.  

Great Sand Dunes

  Alamosa County boasts the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the “tallest dunes in North America!” There are 30 square miles of massive dunes. Though there are no trails on the dunes, feel free to hike to the summits of High Dune, Hidden Dune, Star Dune, and Eastern Dune Ridge. It is advised to hike early as the sand can reach temperatures of 150° in the afternoon.   For a change of pace, explore the forested Montville Nature Trail, the 3.5-mile Mosca Trail along the creek, or visit an alpine lake on the Medano Lake Trail. For info on all these excursions visit this National Park Service page.  

Cross Creek Trail

  This 10-mile, easy hike takes you to the largest tree in the Rio Grande National Forest. You’ll also get beautiful views of Del Norte Peak and Willow Park. Much of the foot traffic along this trail are people staying at the Cross Creek Campground. There is big game hunting here during the fall and fishing at Beaver Reservoir and Beaver Creek.   For detailed directions to the trailhead see this link to Cross Creek Trail #812 on the USDA Forest Service website.  

La Garita Natural Arch

  This 2.6-mile easy hike gets you close to the La Garita Natural Arch. The arch was created more than 30 million years ago by volcanic flow. You can drive up to the Natural Arch, but by hiking, you get a closer view. While you’re here, hike to Penitente Canyon and take a break to watch the climbers.   Find directions to the trailhead here.  

El Rito Azul (Blue Lake) Trail

  The El Rito Azul Trail is a 10.2-mile, moderate hike through woodlands and meadows up to the lake. You’ll be able to spot volcanic rock bluffs and other “magnificent views.” There are many chances to extend your hike as this trail connects with the Continental Divide Trail at the southern end of Blue Lake. Bring your backpack and stay the night for an easy, yet beautiful weekend escape.   Use these coordinates (37.27954345, -106.6208257) and map to find the trailhead.  

Red Lake Trail

  This 5.2-mile, moderate trail provides amazing, panoramic views of the Continental Divide and hopefully sightings of some elk or bighorn sheep. The Red Lake Trail rises from the La Manga Creek Valley up to an alpine plateau. This is a favorite area for camping and fishing.   Find directions to the trailhead here.  

Embargo Creek Trail

  The 12.2-mile, moderate Embargo Creek Trail is popular with birdwatchers. Start at Cathedral Campground and travel through lovely, Ponderosa pine forests. You’ll end up with stunning views from atop Mesa Mountain. There are many ways to extend this hike.   Find directions to the trailhead and a list of amenities here.  

Ruybalid Lake Trail

  This 9.4-mile, difficult, out and back trail climbs 2,300 feet in elevation and features plenty of switchbacks. The first 3 miles will be a tough workout, but then it plateaus and you’ll see breathtaking views of Rough Creek Waterfall and the Conejos River Valley. Camping is encouraged along the shores of Ruybalid Lake.   Find directions to the trailhead here.  

Middle Frisco Trail  (Frisco Creek)

  This difficult hike is about 12 miles out and back. You’ll travel through conifer and aspen forests to San Francisco Lakes. The lakes are surrounded by meadows and there are outstanding views from below the 13,209-foot Bennett Mountain . You’ll likely see mountain bikers and people on horseback.   Find directions to the trailhead here.   Interested in a home in Alamosa? If you are looking for Colorado mountain homes for sale, we’ve got you covered! Snag some real estate for sale in southern Colorado at the gateway to the Great Sand Dunes. Please contact us at Code of the West Real Estate so we can help you find your new home today!  

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