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La Veta And Walsenburg

La Veta And Walsenburg

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If you’re looking for a place surrounding Colorado’s beauty, check out the many properties for sale in Walsenburg, CO. Walsenburg is a vibrant city located in the picturesque Spanish Peaks Country. This charming community has a small-town feel, but there are also activities for people of all ages and interests, especially those who love the outdoors.

What are some benefits of living in Walsenburg?

 With these great features and more, Walsenburg is a breathtaking place to call home.

Also in La Veta, CO

 La Veta is a tight-knit town in Huerfano County about 16 miles southwest of Walsenburg. Enjoy strolling down historic Main Street while taking in the scenic views of nearby mountains or take a picnic to La Veta Town Park. The town is steeped in tradition and holds popular annual events like Francisco Fort Day, the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival, Art in the Park, Spanish Peaks Music Fest, and La Veta Oktoberfest. With only about 800 residents, La Veta has a unique family atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.


 Here are just a few of the exciting things La Veta has to offer:


 La Veta is the ideal town for people who love art, history, and tradition and who want to live in a close-knit community.


At Code of the West Real Estate, we are committed to helping you locate the right piece of property for your needs. If you’re interested in real estate property for sale in Walsenburg, CO, or La Veta. give us a call at 719-738-1818 (Walsenburg office) or 719-742-3626 (La Veta office), or Fremont County Real Estate. Your future home could be just a phone call away.