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Hali was born and raised in La Veta, Colorado and graduated from La Veta High School in 2007. She then went on to obtain her Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology with a Minor in Environmental Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

She chose Sociology because of her appreciation of diversity, love of learning, and had a strong desire to broaden her knowledge base about human behavior, social organization, culture, and social change. She also received a minor in Environmental Science studying the sciences broadly; taking courses in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. The pairing of these two subjects helped her understand the value of hard work and how contributing to the community around her can help the people and environment within.  

After graduation, Hali began to tire of city living and yearned to move back to her hometown where she could take everything she learned in higher education and apply it to everyday life. She also wanted to be closer to her boyfriend and their families.  She then found out about Code of the West Real Estate, a newly established Real Estate company and was delighted to find out that the values of Arica Andreatta and the company lined up with her own. Hali became Office Manager in July of 2016 and is looking forward to her future with the company. She now resides in Walsenburg with her boyfriend and four dogs. If you call or visit Code of the West Real Estate, Hali will welcome you with a smile as she is happy to help you with any of your real estate needs.


Hali Borrego, Office Manager

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