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Real Estate Broker Feature: Kamal Shash & Cynamin VanLue

Real Estate Broker Feature: Kamal Shash & Cynamin VanLue

We love Colorado and we think that is evident in everything we do! We also love all of our talented and devoted brokers who help our clients to buy and sell their homes and property. We trust each and every one of our brokers to listen carefully to understand your real estate goals and work hard to create solutions that make sense for you.

We’d like to show our brokers how much they mean to us by introducing them to you. Get to know our staff, no, our family! Perhaps by making acquaintance with them, you’ll find the perfect broker for all your needs.

For our first broker feature, we’d like to introduce you to two of our team. A young man who just joined our company in March of the year, and a veteran Realtor® that has been with us since 2016.

Meet Kamal Shash and Cynamin VanLue!

Just beginning…

Kamal Shash has only been a Realtor® since March of 2022! Yet, he brings passion and confidence to everything he does here at COTW. In fact, he was so confident in his desire to work with Arica that he never even looked at another brokerage. “I have been with Code of the West since day one…there was something special going on here and I wanted to be a part of it…When I got my license she was the first call that I made, I didn’t want to work for anyone else.”

Kamal is no stranger to Southern Colorado, though. He was born (at home!) in Trinidad, CO and grew up in Gardner, on 40 acres at the base of Greenhorn Mountain. In high school, he explored Walsenburg, the Springs, Boca Raton, Florida, and finally landed in Pueblo to graduate.

He originally dreamed of being a studio engineer and briefly pursued a music degree from the University of Colorado at Denver before realizing what he really wanted to do was be an entrepreneur. Kamal owned and operated several small businesses before taking a “leap of faith” into the Real Estate business. But just as he earned the title of #1 Chevrolet salesman in the state of Colorado at just 19 years old, he one day hopes to be the #1 broker in Southern Colorado!

Kamal has settled with his wife, Shiree, and two daughters, Milani (12) and Tzion (5), in Pueblo, CO. He enjoys fishing, boating, riding bikes, golfing, and “most of all playing basketball.” Even more, he loves being a dad. “I am most proud of being a good father…of reading to my children and teaching them to be the best they can be.” His family not only sees him as a good provider but an adventurous one, as he has been known to dash them off to Disney for two weeks at a time.

Described as funny, caring, hard-working, and a self-proclaimed “go-giver,” Kamal feels he learned it all from his parents. His father is the pastor of the local Native American Church. And his mother “was somehow able to be a full-time ER nurse, raise six kids, and further her education to become a midwife all simultaneously. Her work ethic was a major influence on who I am today.” In the same vein, he’s currently an agent/broker with COTW, but he can’t wait to pursue as much continuing education and certifications as he needs to be an informed and successful member of the industry.

If Kamal and his family had no need to worry about money, they would travel the world on a yacht, sailing “port to port forever.” In the meantime, he’d love to hunt his own elk!

Kamal is passionate about customer service and helping his clients at COTW achieve their goals. He looks forward to working with you!

Seasoned pro…

Cynamin VanLue has been a Realtor® with COTW since 2016. She’d been considering going into Real Estate for a couple of years but she “didn’t see a fit with local agencies’ marketing, integrity, and structure. When Arica started her own company, we visited more and I determined that this was the career path that I had been desiring.” Since then, Cynamin has successfully closed over 230 transactions, totaling over $32 million in sales in Huerfano, Las Animas, El Paso, Pueblo, Custer, Fremont & Costillo counties.

Cynamin has a profound love of the La Veta/Cuchara area even though she was born and raised in Liberal, Kansas. She spent every summer and most holidays of her childhood in Cuchara at her family cabin, where she developed an adoration for the “majestic mountains, wholesome people, family traditions, and enchanting wildlife.” Even after years of exploring California, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Illinois with her husband Jim, she was called back to Cuchara to settle with him and their three boys.

Originally planning to become a respiratory therapist, Cynamin attended junior college and received an associate of science degree. However, her son was born 4 months premature and she “spent the next 6 years in and out of hospitals.” Fighting for the life of her son is one of her proudest and most treasured accomplishments. With “over two million dollars in medical bills and over 800 days in the hospital. It was a constant fight within the medical dynamics and health insurance. Not to mention the around the clock care when he was at home. He is now 27 years old and married.” A fight well worth it.

Cynamin loves to give back to the local community and make a difference in the lives of those around her in any way she can. Whether that is helping to found the Cuchara Country Music Festival (now the Spanish Peaks Music Festival), spending time with her three sons and two daughters-in-law, or finding a client the perfect home.

She is known to be determined, professional, honest, and hard-working, and that shows in her commitment to her career. In addition to staying up-to-date with all of the continuing education required to be a Realtor®, she also has certificates in verifying and awareness in inspection issues and the basics of water rights.

For her future, Cynamin would like to be “financially comfortable [and] travel some but mostly enjoy [her] family and friends.” One day she would love to watch baby turtles hatch on a beach and make their way to the ocean! And if she never had to worry about money again, you’d find her relaxing in the warm weather somewhere, spending all of her time with those she’s closest to or volunteering in the NICU.

Cynamin is proud to be a member of the COTW team. She will approach your Real Estate needs with kindness, dedication, and experience. She looks forward to working with you!




We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know two of our agents. There are plenty more to meet! Until next time…and if you’re interested in Colorado mountain homes for sale, Code of the West has the perfect broker for your needs! Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the Southern Colorado area, and let us help you find the right home or the right buyer! Contact us today!