Debra Gonzales


Moving from the sunflower fields of Kansas as a nine-year-old girl, I was unprepared for the extravagance of the Rocky Mountain National Park! There began my love for Colorado-Our New Home. Somewhere in the discovery of mountains, rivers, elk, deer, & the pine-scented mountain breezes I was transformed into an adventurous, outdoor-loving youth. That joy has never left me. It created me. As a teen, I learned about bucket lists. I immediately created my own bucket list and have kept it with me since that time. It has been filled and re-filled with every Colorado experience and adventure the state has to offer. I have lived across the entire state, married, raised 3 boys on the western slope, educated young people, camped, skied, fished, hunted, rafted, climbed, left Colorado twice to run our own successful businesses only to return to our home state. With a sense of peace, excitement, and happiness I plan to live more bucket list dreams in beautiful Southern Colorado. I want to share that extreme beauty, adventure, and experience of living in Colorado, with others to help them find their dreams in our beautiful state. I look forward to meeting new people and being allowed into their dreams and helping in whatever manner I am able to.


“It’s not the destination, but the travels along the path of life that bring joy to the heart.”



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