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Lenna Rauber


Lenna Rauber

Lenna was raised in upstate New York and brought up on a dairy farm. She learned at an early age that a farmers lifestyle was busy, hectic with many tasks and hard work. Farm life developed Lenna to who she is today. It taught her many entrepreneurial qualities.   Lenna, having passion for horses, started and operated an equine boarding business, at that time she was raising and homeschooling her two children Peter and Elicka. Peter inherited the entrepreneurial spirit and has a successful custom harvesting business in New York. Elicka has recently graduated from Trinidad State College with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.   In 2011, Lenna and her family made the 1800 mile journey to unfamiliar territory, looking for adventure and a change of pace.   Lenna took her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the cattle and horses, to the world of ranching. She and her family successfully started and operated a cow-calf operation, blending with the native ranchers, Lenna learned much about the country and the unaccustomed practices. While Ranching, Lenna gained much knowledge about hay production, grazing and irrigation practices in Southern Colorado. She definitely knows and has experienced what the land is capable of.   Captivated by the farming, ranching, history of water rights and irrigation practices in southern Colorado, Lenna set herself up for yet another challenge. She became a Water Commissioner in Huerfano County, with absolutely no background or knowledge of water rights and administration. Demonstrating hard work and dedication, Lenna earned Water Commissioner of the Year in 2017. Lenna has acquired a deep understanding of the water rights and administration in Southern Colorado.   Lenna appreciates the numerous intangible benefits of living in Colorado, with its unmatched weather, culture, diversity and unparalleled beauty. Lenna can fathom what it is like to stand in her clients shoes. Relocating, buying and selling property of her own, has afforded Lenna a sensitivity towards her clients journey.



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