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Peter Severeijns


Peter Severeijns

Peter was born and raised in the Netherlands. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, he started his career at the architectural agency at a multinational company, where he developed a passion for real estate. In the evening hours, he obtained his master’s degree in industrial engineering and management science. Peter continued his career with assignments in Italy and Austria, where he lived for several years with his wife and their 3 kids. In 2002 Peter moved to the US with his family, first to Tennessee, followed by New York state and California. In California Peter had their first home in the US built. More than 5 years ago, Peter bought a cabin in Forbes Park and since then has spent a lot of time remodeling the cabin and enjoying the environment. Peter wants to help others and assist customers in their real estate needs in the beautiful Colorado mountain area.


Languages spoken: English, German & Dutch