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R. Jeremy Coe


Jeremy was born in Pueblo, Colorado but moved to Denver at a young age. He says he knew real estate was in his blood by age three when his parents managed a four story apartment building near Denver University.  This is where Jeremy was introduced to property management as the “Master of the Keys.” He knew the building like the entire thing was his own house and he could open any door he came across just by looking at the cut of the key, something he still has a knack for today. After college, in the mid 90’s he married his high school sweetheart, Jennette.  In his spare time he spent asking lots of questions, reading books, knocking on doors and eventually buying houses himself. From 1996 to 2003 Jeremy learned the nuances of the foreclosure market, flipping houses and property management while acquiring his own rental properties in the Denver Metro area.   In early 2003, the La Veta Family Ranch, he enjoyed as a kid, was calling for him and his family to come home. They stayed to raise their daughters in this same small town that Jeremy’s Great Great Grandfather came to raise his family 100 years earlier in 1913. (The Coe Middle Creek Ranch is a Centennial Ranch of Colorado.) Jeremy transferred their rental properties through 1031 exchanges from Denver to Huerfano County: purchasing apartment buildings, single family rentals, commercial buildings and land. From 2003 to 2017 Jeremy invested in all types of Southern Colorado Real Estate. Although they frequently visit the La Veta area, still own properties in southern Colorado and will NEVER sell the Ranch; in 2017, the Coe family embarked on yet another new adventure and moved to Colorado Springs. Embracing their motto, “Never Limit God!” In 2019, Jeremy figured it was finally time to get his real estate license and joined the Code of the West Real Estate Team.



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