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Sam Faris


Sam Faris

Sam Faris has a long-running history in the world of Real Estate and continues to expand his knowledge with his ever-growing presence in this industry. As well as being a multi-generational Southern Colorado Native, Sam is also a multi-generational real estate professional. Sam found his calling while having first learned about the broad world of real estate and cattle ranching through his family business as a young child. Sam continued his career out of high school where he studied finance and had a concentration in real estate while acquiring his Bachelor of Science in Business at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Today Sam his Wife and their two children are marketing and selling farm and ranch real estate while running their cattle ranch in Southern Colorado. His main focus is properties related to the agriculture industry as well as other unique properties including but not limited to properties with water rights, recreational, retirement properties, hunting, fishing, and development ground. With over fifteen years of experience and a strong family background in the business, Sam will identify your needs and find the property suitable for you.



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