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Susie Wintersieck


Susie grew up in Tulsa and earned her bachelor’s degree from OSU where she graduated with honors and was hired to teach in the first open space school in Jefferson County Colorado. She went to work as a science teacher for 5th and 6th graders in 1970 and then soon began to work in administration, training other teachers in science education. She earned her master’s degree in elementary education from the University of Northern Colorado in 1976.


Susie had always dreamed of having her own school so she studied alternative health perspectives of kinesiology, reflexology, right-left brain integration, yoga and meditation and over many years taught classes for children and adults.


She turned her love for education to a love of educating her family and homeschooled her two sons all the way through until they went to the university. Her son Aza Wintersieck earned an MBA from CSU Pueblo and now works in the real estate business. Her son Allan Wintersieck is the chief technical officer of Devetry, a web development company based in Denver.


Susie loves to fish, hike, hunt, do yoga and garden. She and her husband, Joe, started Acorn Realty in 1999 and Susie became the preferred realtor in Walsenburg for many years.


Susie has always been a natural teacher. She views her customers as people who are smart and capable and just need some more education about the specific processes of a real estate transaction. If you are thinking of selling and you want someone with many years experience, call Susie and she would be glad to work with you through every detail of the selling process.


Susie is delighted to now join up with the savvy and enthusiastic staff at Code of the West Real Estate.



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